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Variety of spices plays a crucial role in bringing out the most distinctive taste and attractive look for any cuisine. Chataka Spices, a brand from Shree Ganesha Agro (one of the leading spices manufacturer in India), brings to you an exotic range of spices that give an impeccable aromatic & authentic taste of spices to your food.

We bring to you the widest range of exotic spices that carries the perfect balance of aroma, taste, color & flavor. They meet all your gourmet needs. We ensure to maintain consistency in manufacturing and processing of all our products through a regular program of internal audits that takes review, evaluates and adjust our operational levels, to ensure that we deliver quality product. We also conduct quality tests, control procedures at regular intervals of time.

All the above procedures are carried out by adhering to stringent hygienic norms. The packaging too is done in a scientific way to retain the nutritional flavor & quality of spices.


Cumin Powder

Popularly known as “Jeera”, cumin powder is well-known for its medicinal properties. It is uniformly elliptical and deeply furrowed. Cumin powder has a distinctive, slight bitter in taste and warm in flavor. Mainly used where highly spiced foods are preferred. Buy cumin seeds online for your cooking purpose to add an authentic flavor to your food.

Available Quality & Variety:

  1. Extra Bold (Premium Quality)

  2. Europe 99% Purity

  3. Singapore 99% Purity

  4. Singapore 98% Purity

  5. Grinding Quality

  6. Premium Quality Grinded Powder


Fennel seeds are obtained from an aromatic and medicinal plant. It is well-known as “Sounf” and is widely used in preparing meat & seafood dishes, vinegar and pickles to add a special flavor to the food. We are leading souff supplier and exporter firm. To buy fennel seeds for your requirement, call us today.

Available Quality & Variety:

  1. Extra Green ( Abu Road Premium Quality)

  2. Europe 99% Purity (Medium Green)

  3. Singapore 99% Purity (Light Green)

  4. Premium Quality Grinded Powder


It has got nutty sweet flavor and is usually white/beige in color. Sesame seeds are best source of minerals and contain highest oil contents. They form an important nutritional additive to salads & dressings. Buy sesame seeds from our extensive range of agro products.

Available Quality & Variety:

  1. Natural Sesame Seed 99/1/1

  2. Natural Sesame Seed 99/1 Sortex (Purity 99.90%)

  3. Hulled Sesame Seed Purity Premium (Purity 99.97%)

  4. Hulled Sesame Seed Purity Premium (Purity 99.95%)

  5. Natural Black Sesame Seed Sortex (Purity 99.90%)


Black Mustard is highly demanded for its pungent aroma and high nutritional content. It is widely used in preparation of various tasty Indian dishes. The health benefits of this mustard type are substantially greater.

Available Quality & Variety:

  1. Bold Black Mustard Sortex (Purity 99.90%)

  2. Medium Size Black Mustard Sortex (Purity 99.90%)

  3. Small (Micro) Size Black Mustard Seed Sortex (Purity 99.90%)

  4. Black Mustard Daal (Rai Kuria) Sortex (Purity 99.90%)


It is one of the most popular spices traded round the world. Yellow Mustard has medicinal properties and is used as a condiment in variety of dishes. It is the traditional type of seed sold usually in grocery stores and is mainly used for canning, pickling & sausage making.

Available Quality & Variety:

  1. Bold Yellow Mustard Sortex (Purity 99.90%)

  2. Small Size Yellow Mustard Seed Sortex (Purity 99.90%)


It has high nutritional content and is mainly used for preparing various cuisines, curries, pickles & chutneys. Fenugreek is popularly known as “Methi” and is useful in curing number of ailments and ensures healthy metabolism too. Buy Fenugreek seeds from us and get the best value for your money.

Available Quality & Variety:

  1. Bold Size Fenugreek Sortex Sortex Purity 99.90%

  2. Medium Size Fenugreek Sortex Sortex Purity 99.90%

  3. Medium Size Fenugreek Machine Clean Sortex Purity 99%

  4. Split Part (Methi Daal) Sortex (Purity 99.90%)


It is known as Bishop Seeds and forms the major ingredient in preparing different types of medicines and is used in culinary as spice. Ajwain is small in size, tastes hot, bitter and penchant. Proves useful as effective remedy for treating different ailments and acts as good appetizer.

Available Quality & Variety:

  1. Bold Size Ajwain Machine Clean Purity 99%

  2. Medium Size Ajwain Machine Clean Purity 99%


It is oval in shape, fluffy, soft and has an aromatic & pungent flavor. Dill seed is mainly used in Indian dishes, soup, salad dressing, soup and preparation of cottage cheese. These seeds emit an aromatic color. Buy dill seeds of finest & freshest from our extensive collection of agro products.

Available Quality & Variety:

  1. Whole Dill Seed Machine Cleaned Purity 99%

  2. Split Dill Seed Machine Clean Purity 99%


Psyllium husk is popularly known as isabgol and is used as dietary fiber. Studies have revealed that it is effective in lowering LDL (Bad cholesterol levels) and lowering total cholesterol levels.

Available Quality & Variety:

  1. Psyllium Husk & Powder 99%

  2. Psyllium Husk & Powder 98%

  3. Psyllium Husk & Powder 95%

  4. Psyllium Husk & Powder 85%


It adds delicacy to the food by its sweet, warm, rich and woody aroma. Ginger is commonly used in preparing beverages, gingerbread, Asian and oriental cookery. The pungency in ginger is due to the volatile oil is presence in it. It also contains natural healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Available Quality & Variety:

  1. Fresh While Ginger

  2. Dried Whole Ginger

  3. Ginger Powder


Cinnamon is used for cookery purposes as a flavoring material and condiment. It has a distinct odor and forms an important ingredient in preparation of variety of lip-smacking dishes. Owing to its medicinal properties, it is used for treating variety of health disorders.

Available Quality & Variety:

  1. Whole Cinnamon Sticks

  2. Cinnamon Powder


It is used for making various types of seasonings such as chutneys, pickles and sauces. Chilli has a tangy flavor and is used in preparing host of Indian delicacies and cuisines, making it much tastier. It retains its taste and aroma for long time.

Available Quality & Variety:

  1. Chilli Whole

  2. Chilli Powder

  3. Crushed Chilli


It has a warm, peppery and bitter flavor and is recognized as herb helpful in curing various diseases. Turmeric is mostly used as an anti- inflammatory agent and is used in Indian cuisine for adding color, aroma and flavor to the dish.

Available Quality & Variety:

  1. Turmeric Fingers Whole (Bold & Medium)

  2. Turmeric Powder


It is one of the important spices used in Indian curries, curry powder & delicacies. This ayurvedic medicinal herb proves useful for natural healing. The Hindi name of Coriander is “Dhania” and it has unique flavor and smell.

Available Quality & Variety:

  1. Whole Coriander

    1. Double Perrot (Extra Green)

    2. Single Perrot (Medium Green)

    3. Brown (Eagle Quality)

  2. Coriander Powder


Black Pepper is known as the ‘King of Spices’. It is seen both as a medicine and enhancer. It has a characteristic flavor and pungency and is used in every culinary and cooking medium of preparation. When stored in cool, dark and dry place, it retains its flavor for months.

Available Quality & Variety:

  1. Black Pepper Whole

  2. Black Peper Powder

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